Dentists in Westfield IN offer tips on having a relationship with your teeth

A good friendship is a God given treasure and should be valued always. Good friends remember each other on their special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and accomplishments. Good friendships share a meal together and feed each other with what is good, both in the actual meal and what is good about life itself so they leave filled with a hope for continuing to do the good they do. Good friendships keep things light and do not put any form of stress to the relationship.
Everything matters in our human friendships and in many ways the same principles that keep the human friendships growing holds true to those ‘32 best friends’ called your teeth. Those hopefully forever friends who dine with you, go with you to parties and support you at job interviews with a smile, or help you to make an important sale. Consider your teeth your friends and show them the same respect that you give to any friendship. Some of the ways that say you care:
> Giving Your Friends Attention: Not a lot, just enough time to say you care. Two minutes, Twice a day to be exact, using a soft touch, no harsh ‘brush offs.’
> Feed Your Friends: Nothing ‘hard to digest.’ No ‘junk.’ Good friends are given quality substance that strengthens the bond.
> Give Your Friends Special Treatment: Examine the relationship closely twice a year to fix up any cracks or holes that need filling. Don’t let things build up and fall between the cracks. Don’t let the relationship grow dingy. Keep special friends shining bright.
> Keep Stress From Your Friends: Avoid clenching teeth too tight or grinding teeth. Stress can weaken your permanent relationship with your ’32 best friends.’
> Don’t Abuse The Strength Of Your Friends: Think before you ask your friends to help you with something. Don’t use your teeth to tear a piece of thread, open a hard to open food package, crunch on hard and cold ice. Your teeth are fragile and susceptible to cracks and chipping. Use them as they were intended to be used.

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