Pediatric Dentist in Westfield IN On Dental Definition

No matter your age, patient education is an essential part of your treatment from the top pediatric dentist in Westfield IN at Westfield Family Dental. And while we may not be able to give you the comprehensive education we have gained from years of schooling and practice while you are in an exam chair, we will certainly do our best!


Whether we are discussing in-office treatment options or at-home care techniques…sometimes a few “highbrow” sounding dental words can slip into the conversation. It is, of course, not our intention to throw you off or make you feel uncomfortable by including these words…it is just in our vernacular. After years of sleepless nights studying and shooting the breeze about “prophylaxis” at the water cooler- we may overlook the fact that patients don’t always know what that means….especially our younger patients.


In that event, you can ALWAYS ask us about a term or concept if it passes us by that we used it. Otherwise, to help further your education, we found a helpful online Dental Glossary you can review some of the most frequently used dental terms today: Click Here for More.


No matter if you know your “occlusal” from your “malocclusion”- schedule an appointment with your pediatric dentist in Westfield IN today by calling (317) 896-5353.




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