Dentists in Westfield, IN offers the best solution for patients who are unhappy with over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions


Patients seeking the best possible way to improve a dull, discolored smile are excited to speak to some of the most highly regarded dentists in the Westfield, IN area. Drs. Jon Susott and John C. Reno are dedicated professionals at Westfield Family Dental are proud to offer teeth bleaching solutions that work!


While many patients may take to over-the-counter whitening products available at their local drugstore, they often find the results to be less than expected. Brightening the smile needs to be done with professional-strength products to really see the changes. A dull smile can easily be enhanced with the use of whitening solutions right in our practice, utilizing both in-office bleaching and take-home whitening kits.


Our in-office power bleaching is one of the fastest ways for patients to rejuvenate the appearance of their smile. This method utilizes a light-activated whitening gel that pulls stains from deep within the teeth. It is administered by our dental staff and patients are monitored throughout for safety and effectiveness. Patients can walk into the practice with a dull smile and walk out with a brilliant one in a short period of time.


Another solution our patients sometimes consider is our take-home whitening kits. These include professional-grade whitening gels combined with custom-made trays that fit over the dental arch. Drs. Jon Susott and John C. Reno can supply these trays and gels to patients who are interested in brightening their smile gradually over time in the comfort of their own home.


Both methods are effective in brightening the smile. Patients do need to schedule a consultation visit to determine if they are an appropriate candidate. The best candidates for treatment are those who do not have restorations such as veneers, crowns, and bridges within their smile. This is due to the fact that the whitening gel does not affect these repairs and can make them stand out in a negative way.


Ready to speak to the best dentists in the Westfield, IN area about improving the aesthetics of your smile? Contact our practice today at (317) 896-5353 to find out more and to book an appointment with our team. We welcome new patients in and around the community.

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