Bring out the Best in your Smile with Invisalign

The placement of teeth is an interesting prospect. You would imagine that all of your teeth would naturally grow in straight, but this is not the case by a long shot. A large percentage of people have had to wear braces to get the nice straight smile they enjoy today. If you are an adult with crooked teeth, or the parent of a teen whose teeth are not naturally aligned, you know the struggle of deciding which method of straightening those teeth would be best.


Even though new systems have been developed, there is a common perception that "braces are better." This may not be an accurate theory. Many patients have been helped by the Invisalign system. This method is not cosmetic braces. It is not merely clear braces, either. It is used to bring teeth into alignment and to correct certain bite issues, such as overbite, under-bite, and more.


Invisalign treatment is simple, convenient, and it may even seem too good to be true. The power of the aligner method really lies in the development of each individual protocol. After deciding on treatment, the process begins with image-taking. No standard impressions, just pictures. The images of your teeth are developed in the Align Tech lab, where an animated presentation is created. This presentation outlines the step-by-step progression of movement that is predicted by sophisticated software. The simple treatment is made possible by innovative technology!


Patients who are familiar with Invisalign know that this system is created for discretion and comfort. The advantages go far beyond being able to keep the natural appearance of your smile as you journey toward your straightest teeth.


  • Ultimate comfort. Invisalign aligners form around teeth. This prevents protrusion of any type of fixture - far different than braces, which stick out from teeth. Because aligners are snug in their fit, there is virtually no chance that the lips or cheek tissue will get injured or irritated.
  • Ultimate convenience. In addition to being nearly invisible, the aligners used to straighten your teeth are removable. This design aspect enables you to eat what you'd like, to brush and floss properly, and to go "au naturel" for special events.


Having straight teeth can give you the ultimate confidence you deserve to feel when you smile. Learn how Invisalign can help you when you call (317) 896-5353.

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