See Why Your Dentist in Westfield IN Encourages Professional Cleanings for Your Smile


If you believe that you maintain a healthy dental lifestyle, you probably assume that you’re miles away from being affected by plaque! When you hear stories about plaque, you assume that it’s a step away from tooth loss. While plaque can be professionally removed, it can still be a threat to your smile. This is why your dentist in Westfield IN wants patients to be aware of the dangers of plaque and how its progression could lead to severe dental issues.


The definition of plaque is a sticky deposit on your teeth in which bacteria proliferate, or rapidly increase. When the plaque builds up, it can cause your gums to become inflamed and your teeth to become sore, throbbing and cavity-ridden. Plaque needs to be removed by your dentist or hygienist because, if it isn’t, it will continue to grow and get worse!


If you didn’t know, plaque is constantly forming on your teeth. With your mouth full of natural bacteria, combined with foods and drinks with sugar and starch, the bacteria releases acids that attack your tooth enamel (the protective, harder surface). Plaque is extremely sticky, which is what keeps the acidity attracted to your teeth. Over time, it’ll break down the enamel and turn into an early form of tooth decay known as gingivitis.


Gingivitis causes your gums to be tender, swollen, and possibly bleed when you eat certain foods or brush your teeth. This is reversible if you visit your dentist as soon as possible and get a professional cleaning. Your smile will thank you soon enough! But if you continue to ignore these symptoms, that gingivitis can turn into periodontitis.


Periodontitis, more commonly known as gum disease, is an irreversible dental issue that makes your gum tissue pull away from your teeth. This creates “pockets,” allowing the bacteria to destroy the bone and tissues that support and keep your teeth intact. This will also cause tender, swollenness, and bleeding, but to a more serious degree. People are also at risk to tooth loss while also finding it difficult to refill the area since your bone structure has weakened, unable to support a potential implant.


There are a number of other consequences that people can suffer from that include their overall health. Please make sure that you’re taking care of your smile with the help of your dentist in Westfield IN by calling our office today at (317) 896-5353.

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