Westfield, IN parents should prepare their children for their first appointment with a pediatric dentist


Visiting a pediatric dentist is important for young children. Parents in the Westfield, Indiana area are encouraged to bring their children to the dentist before their first birthday, or when the very first baby tooth erupts through the gum line. Drs. Jon Susott and John Reno of Westfield Family Dental work with patients of all ages and want to provide pediatric care for even the youngest of family members!


Visiting a pediatric dentist can be an intimidating experience for little children. This is why our team encourages parents to prepare their child for their first visit. Here are some tips to get started with educating your children on what to expect, especially toddlers and school-aged children:


Keep it positive. Even if you yourself are not a fan of visiting the dentist, you should make sure to talk positively about visiting the dentist. Any sense of negative energy the child gets from you can make them anxious about their appointment.


Tell them what to expect. Talk about how the dentist will polish their teeth and count how many are in their mouth. Discuss the positive aspects of the visit to avoid giving the child a negative impression of their time at the dental office.


Arrive early so the child can become familiar with the environment. Let the child talk to the dentist for a while and ask their own questions if they’d like.


Come prepared with questions. Many parents have questions about their child’s oral health. We encourage patients to come prepared to the appointment with any concerns they may have about their child’s oral health development.


Drs. Jon Susott and John Reno of Westfield Family Dental work with children and adults in their state-of-the-art practice. They want to help parents monitor their children’s oral health and development while providing services as they are needed. The baby teeth are just as important as the permanent adult teeth and should be treated as such to set a proper foundation for oral health and wellness. Contact the team today to make an appointment by calling (317) 896-5353 or by visiting us personally at 215 E. Main Street in Westfield, Indiana.

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