Dentists in Westfield IN discuss Diastema in Children

Diastema is one of the common dental conditions among children. It is the gap or space between the two teeth. For children, it is often noticeably found on the two upper front teeth.


Diastema is a natural occurrence in child’s teeth development. In some children, it will correct on its own as they age, but some may need a professional orthodontic treatment. 


Although diastema is normal in children, sometimes they can give some complications such as phonetic problems, especially in a case with really wide gaps. In such cases, a compulsory diastema closure is necessary.


For older children with diastema on their erupted permanent teeth, a dental procedure must be done. A pediatric dentist should examine first what is the underlying cause of the spacing. This is because treatment for diastema differs depending on the cause.


Causes of diastema in children


●     Size discrepancy between the teeth and jaw

A gap will occur when the teeth’s size is normal, but the jaw’s size is too big and vice versa.


●     Oversized labial frenum

The labial frenum is the tissue that serves as the connection between the lips and gums. If this tissue is large enough to pass through between two teeth, then it will prevent the teeth from closing in, thus, creating a gap.


●     Genetic predisposition

If a child is genetically predisposed to a diastema and has it on his milk teeth, chances are, his diastema will pass on its own.


●     Bad oral habits

Thumb-sucking is the most popular bad habit that children develop at a younger age. It can lead not just to diastema but also to many other related oral problems.


Diastema or teeth gap in children is a normal growth attribute. In fact, many child celebrities are known for their unique front teeth gap. Diastemas can either correct on its own or can be easily corrected through professional help. There are lots of dental corrections today.

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