Dental Care for Infants? It's a Necessity!


A beautiful, healthy smile is not a guarantee for every person. In order to grow into the best possible smile, a person must be given the proper tools. At some point very early in your life, you were probably taught to brush your teeth. If you were lucky, you were also taught to floss! These two practices are just the starting point to healthier teeth and gums, but oral care is actually a necessity long before teeth make their way into the mouth.


Well before your first visit to your pediatric dentist, your child is at risk for unhealthy oral conditions. We encourage patients of our Westfield, IN office to call us if they have any questions pertaining to their child's dental needs, whether their baby teeth have come in yet or not. Even though there are no teeth, there are large numbers of bacteria in the  mouth. These bacteria can create higher-than-normal acidity, which begins to attack tiny teeth as soon as they start to sprout. To minimize risks to your baby's teeth, clean the mouth with a soft cloth after feeding.


During the months in which teeth are actively growing, most babies become pretty temperamental. Professional consultation with your family dentist should be scheduled right away when the teething process begins and teeth have broken through the gums. This initial visit may focus more on education than on exam and other common dental care, but it can be extremely valuable as an introduction to pediatric dentistry. Usually, the full evaluation is scheduled around the first birthday.


Tips for infant oral care include:


  • Don't wait for a full set of teeth to be present. We are happy to see just two teeth!
  • Decrease the risk for cavities by giving only bottles of water at bedtime. Giving milk or juice sets the stage for dental caries, which turn into cavities.
  • Use a soft infant toothbrush on tiny teeth, and non-fluoride toothpaste.
  • See the dentist every six months, and call in between visits if you have any questions or if a problem arises.
  • Talk with your dentist or hygienist about how to brush your babies teeth. We're happy to demonstrate!


Call the team at Westfield Family Dental at (317) 896-5353.

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