Dentist in Westfield IN Discuss How Vegan Lifestyle Affect your Oral Health

A lot of people have chosen to go on a vegan diet because of its many health benefits. As stated by the American Dietetic Association, nearly all of us, including children, can safely go on a no-meat diet. One may prevent cholesterol problems, cancer, high blood pressure, and other diseases by going on this form of diet. On the other hand, a vegan lifestyle can also affect your oral health.


Vegan lifestyle oral health benefits:


- Reduced risk of oral cancer

A vegan diet has been proven to reduce the risk of oral cancer. Foods that fight against this form of cancer are carrots, tomatoes, citrus fruits, and green leafy vegetables.

- Alkaline pH balance

Going on a vegan diet is potentially beneficial in the long term. Plant-based foods are alkaline and alkaline pH balance is better for teeth.


Vegan lifestyle oral health drawbacks:


- Gum Disease

Vegans who refrain from eating animal products or prefer to cut meat from their diet are more prone to having gum (periodontal) disease and other dental problems. This is because they can be deficient in some key nutrients.


- Enamel Erosion and Tooth Decay

Even healthy foods such as whole grains, apples, and fruit smoothies can lead to enamel erosion and tooth decay.


- Vitamin D and Calcium Deficiency

A lack of vitamin D and calcium can cause teeth to alleviate over time. Because of this, vegans can be more prone to tooth decay. However, with sun exposure, vitamin D is naturally produced in our body, so vitamin D deficiencies are rare. Calcium deficiency are more common but are easily treated with the proper diet.


A considerable number of people have already become vegans or vegetarians due to health concerns. If you’re planning to be a vegan, check first with your dentist or doctor about possible oral health concerns. To assist you with your diet, you may also refer to a dietitian. A dietician is the right person who can give you proper advice on how you can still obtain necessary nutrients for your overall health. And most importantly, regardless of the kind of diet you’re on, make sure to observe good oral hygiene.


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