Pediatric Dentist in Westfield Helps Parents with their Child's Oral Health

Around 30% of children experience Bruxism or teeth grinding. They often complain of facial pain, headaches, earaches, chipped teeth, enamel erosion, and jaw problems. If your child is experiencing any symptoms related to Bruxism, then you may want to check these tips:


Schedule A Dental Checkup

If Bruxism symptoms are present, seek an expert's help right away. Contact a family dentist, search credible websites or from your health insurance provider.


See an ENT Specialist if your child has breathing issues

During sleep, children who have problems in breathing will tend to look for another breathing pathway so that they may breathe properly; their search will often lead them to Bruxism. Most experts advise that parents should consult ENT (Ear, Nose, And Throat) practitioners so that their child will have the proper medical attention.


Let your child relax

Children are not always carefree and because of various circumstances, they can have high levels of stress. Too much stress can inflict them with many health issues including Bruxism. Experts recommend that parents should let their child learn stress management techniques and that parents should always find time to communicate with their children.


Wear mouth guards

Mouth guards are dental instruments that prevent the surfaces of the teeth from clashing together and it usually comes in different shapes and sizes. It can also help lessen Bruxism. For children, it is best to ask for professional help to have a mouth guard that is custom-fit to your child.


Avoid to bad habits

Experts believe that adolescents who smoke, drink alcohol, and use illegal drugs are prone to have Bruxism. So, they recommend that parents should always keep track of their children and that they should discuss to them the ill effects of addiction.


Bruxism can't cause any serious problems, but if left untreated, it may cause serious side effects to your children. So, don't forget to jot down those tips above.


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