General Dentistry for You and Your Family

Your family dentist is the person you trust to help you keep a healthy mouth for the rest of your life. Choosing this person can be overwhelming, especially as more practices pop up in each city every year. Your general dentist is most likely to be the health care provider you see more than any other. They specialize in preventative care for diseases and other problems, as well as maintenance of your teeth and gums. They provide these services to people of all ages. Taking a trip to the family dentist should always be a pleasant experience. They have the knowledge to ensure you keep your mouth healthy in any type of situation. They are trained to diagnose and spot any type of damage or disease that may occur, so they work to prevent these problems, before the problems arise. This is an extremely important job, so it is important to choose the correct health care provider for you and your family. Here are some things you can expect when visiting your dentists in Westfield IN:


1) During your first visit, they will likely take x-rays of your mouth. They will use other methods to study your teeth and gums, so they can properly diagnose any problems.


2) They will take a look inside your mouth. A thorough examination will help them spot problems.


3) They will then talk to you about any problems that may pop up, such as cavities, early signs of disease such as gingivitis, periodontal disease, enamel wear, sensitivity, and some others, if applicable.


4) If you have a cavity or other tooth decay, they may remove the affected area, and put in a filling or other method of fixing the decay.


5) A teeth cleaning may be in order.


6) You may get a new toothbrush for free at the end!


Your dentist will work with you, your insurance, and your budget, to decide the best care possible. Your family dentist should also be equipped to take care of any emergency dentistry. When you have proper dental hygiene, the trip to the dentist will be fun, and worry free.

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