Foods that Fight Bad Breath

Did you eat some extra onions at lunch? You might have to battle bad breath the rest of the afternoon because of that decision! While onions and garlic tend to be the biggest culprits of bad breath, you don’t have to live with it. There are some simple suggestions to help you cover up that bad breath fast.
Foods that Fight Bad Breath
You can choose to use another food to combat the effects of bad breath.
Green Tea – With catechin, green tea offers this powerful antioxidant that will fend off bacteria that causes odor.
Parsley – This has become one of the most common ways to fight bad breath. The parsley oil is actually what fights your ailment. In addition, you could use spearmint or cinnamon to help mask the smell.
Apples – Certain fruits will increase the production of saliva which rebalances the mouth’s ecological system.
Yogurt – The live cultures in yogurt will reduce bad breath because of the influence of good bacteria.
C-Vegetables – There are several vegetables that begin with C that should become your best friend. Cucumbers, celery and carrots will all encourage a production of saliva and fight bacteria.
Nuts – Much like vegetables and crunchy fruits, these fiber-rich content acts like a mini toothbrush and cleans the teeth. 
Other Ways to Treat that Bad Breath
Food isn’t the only thing that can help. Try these other remedies to keep odor at bay.
Chew sugarless gum – Not only will the mask the smell, but it helps promote the production of saliva. Gum will help to rinse your mouth of unwanted bacteria and plaque.
Breath mints – Sucking on a breath mint will help to mask the odor for a short time.
Drink water – This will keep your mouth moist and rinse out the bacteria.
Practice good hygiene – Above all, proper brushing and flossing practices are going to help keep your breath at its best.
If you find that you suffer from persistent bad breath, you might be facing a more serious ailment. Don’t take any chances with your oral health. While it may seem embarrassing, you need to be sure to call and make an appointment with your Westfield, IN dentist right away for a checkup. 

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