Patients in the Westfield, IN area looking for an emergency dentist should speak to the team of Westfield Family Dentist

Having an emergency dental available when the unexpected occurs is a smart idea for any family. Families should be prepared for unplanned problems which can happen when they least expect them to. Drs. Jon Susott and John Reno are emergency dentists available in the Westfield, IN area who are ready and willing to work with new and existing patients for dental care as needed—even on short notice!
Urgent emergency dental needs may vary depending on the situation. Patients may be dealing with a tooth that has been knocked out during sports or may have experienced a large chip due to an injury. A severe toothache or a lost restoration may also require the help of a dental professional in a rather short period of time. All of these issues needed to be addressed by an emergency dentist in the area. That dentist is available at Westfield Family Dental.
When a problem arises, we encourage parents to contact us at (317) 896-5353. We have an after-hours assistant who can walk you through the proper method of treatment. During office hours, our staff may encourage you to come in for an emergency appointment. After hours, patients may be prescribed medication to deal with their condition until the following business days. In severe cases where treatment is needed as soon as possible, we may recommend visiting the emergency room. There are situations that may require immediate care after hours that may warrant this suggestion. Otherwise, most issues can be handled in our practice during the same day or at the next hour of business.
At Westfield Family Dental, our team includes Drs. Jon Susott and John Reno. We work with patients to ensure the entire family has access to quality care solutions. Orla health and wellness is important for all ages. If you are interested in learning more about comprehensive dental solutions or just need to contact us for the assistance of an emergency dentist, contact Westfield Family Dental at (317) 896-5353 today to book an appointment. Our practice is conveniently located at 215 E. Main Street.

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