Your Dentists in Westfield IN Explain Symptoms of Toothaches and What to Do to Treat Them


Have you ever been going on with your day and, before you know it, you’re feeling a dull throbbing in your teeth? Or have you ever woken up with a sore jaw and sensitive teeth, but not know why? This is more common than you think, but it isn’t something that should be ignored just because the pain goes away for the time being. More than likely, the pain will return and it should be addressed as soon as possible! Below, your dentists in Westfield IN will delve into toothaches, their causes and treatments, and how you can potentially prevent them.


There are a number of reasons that a patient can be suffering from a toothache:

· Tooth decay

· Tooth fracture

· A damaged or removed filling

· Teeth grinding

· Infection in the gums or the root


Patients can experience different kinds of symptoms when they have a toothache; their tooth can throb or receive a sharp, stinging pain, and it can be for the moment or can be constant. Some people don’t even realize that their tooth hurts until they apply pressure on it, like when they’re eating. You can also experience a toothache if you have a fever or sinus headache.


Toothaches can come and go, but it’s better to visit our practice to try and identify the issue rather than letting it linger. If your toothache causing you severe pain, if it’s lasting more than a couple of days, or if you have a long-lasting fever or earache, we highly recommend a visit to our office.


During your appointment, we’ll discuss with you the conditions of your toothache in relation to your dental and medical history. You’ll want to be as specific as possible so we have the ability to help identify the root of the problem and correct it sooner rather than later. Your treatments can range from receiving a cleaning and filling, to getting a root canal, or a potential extraction if need be.


You want your natural teeth to last as long as possible and your dentists in Westfield IN are here to help! If you’re experiencing a toothache that’s lasting longer than a day or two, please contact our office by calling (317) 896-5353 to schedule an appointment today.

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