Can Cheddar Make Your Oral Health Better?

The best dentists in Westfield IN at Westfield Family Dental thought patients might be interested to know that eating dairy products, specifically cheese, has been found to prevent cavities. A research study was done in which participants were split up into three groups. The first group ate cheese, the second ate sugar-free yogurt, and the third group drank milk.


A pH level below 5.5 on the teeth increases one's likelihood of cavities. The pH levels were measured 10, 20, and 30 minutes after the consumption of the dairy products. Interestingly, the groups who ate the sugar-free yogurt and drank the milk had no change in their pH levels. However, those who ate the cheese product were found to have a rapid increase in pH levels when they were measured at each time interval. The higher the pH level, the less likely cavities are. Who knows, maybe that’s where the famous “say cheese” saying came from because cheese helps to maintain beautiful smiles!


Eating cheese may be one of the many things you can do to prevent cavities, however, if you think that you already have a cavity, call Westfield Family Dental, the best dentists in Westfield IN at (317) 896-5353 and schedule an appointment today!

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