Benefits of visiting a pediatric dentist in the Westfield, IN area


A pediatric dentist is a dentist who has a specialization in helping children. Children require dental care just as their parents do, and by visiting with a quality dental team in Westfield, IN, patients of all ages can enjoy treatment. At Westfield Family Dental, children and adults can receive comprehensive dental care with our staff including Drs. Jon Susott and John Reno.


Our professionals work closely with children to ensure they have the proper foundation for a beautiful, healthy smile for life. This means preventative measures. Our practice offers the following services for children:


• Examinations – twice a year, the teeth should be examined by a dental professional. This allows the dentist to look for signs of problems such as tooth decay or periodontal disease.

• X-rays – an x-ray allows the dentist to look beyond the gums and teeth. X-rays help with diagnosing issues such as decay or disease that lie beneath the surface. X-rays are often used prior to patients undergoing services like the placement of dental implants, ensuring enough bone is available for successful placement.

• Cleanings – at every appointment, patients can undergo a thorough cleaning with their dental staff. Cleanings remove plaque, tartar, and even bacteria that may be contributing to poor oral health. Even patients who brush and floss their teeth after every meal may still “miss a spot” and require extra assistance from the dentist.

• Fluoride and sealants – preventative measures to keep the teeth clean and protected from problems come in the form of fluoride and sealants. These are applied to the surfaces of the teeth and can reduce the likelihood of future issues. It is typically beneficial for children who are developing good oral health habits.


Drs. Jon Susott and John Reno of Westfield Family Dental offer pediatric services as well as treatment for teenagers and adults. Their practice offers state-of-the-art solutions for individuals in and around the Westfield, IN community. Their practice can be reached at (317) 896-5353 or by personally visiting the office at 215 E. Main Street.

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