Start Your Year Off Right with Your Westfield Dentist!

With September now well under way, most children will have headed back to school to begin a new year of learning and growing. At Westfield Family Dental, we feel that this is one of the best times of the year to bring your child in for one of their twice-yearly cleanings and exams. Going back to school with a bright smile and with any potential problems identified can be crucial, plus we know how busy you can be once things really kick into gear.


With that said, your dentist in Westfield IN has listed some tips for how you can make your next visit the best for your child.


-Be mindful of scheduling time. Don’t schedule when your younger child may typically be napping during the day. If you have an older child, try not to make it at the end of a busy school day or where tons of activities are performed beforehand. Also take a look at when you are booking per month and do so ahead of time, as just before school and during spring break will typically be busiest.


-If you have an older child, make sure they go before the younger child if at all possible. This will allow for the younger ones to watch and should help relieve any anxiety about their visit.


-Make sure your child has some very light snack before they come. They may not be able to eat for a few hours after a cleaning, so having something nutritious and light ahead of time is key. Make sure not to overeat to avoid instances of gagging and to brush teeth after this meal.


-Lastly, make sure you, the parent, are not feeling anxious. Kids can often sense this on parents and then take it on themselves. Encourage your child to ask questions and make sure to stay calm and by their side- and with the help of your Westfield dentist, we will all make it through it.


To schedule you or your child’s next appointment, call our office today at (317) 896-5353.

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